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Empowered Clients

“Lola changed my life. I was experiencing a difficult time with my family, and I was unable to maintain my motivation to become an entrepreneur. Lola helped me work through what I was feeling and now I’m on the path to feeling driven and productive once again. Our first session flew by so quickly, I asked for more time when it was over!”

Katrina A.

“Working with Lola was an eye-opening experience. She is a fantastic life coach. Her voice is so inviting and I could tell how professional she was right from the introductory call. I truly enjoyed sharing my story with her. If for any reason you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend getting inspired by Lola.”

Revae Boykins

“Lola has helped me feel so loved and supported. I remember when I first moved to a new city. I was going through a break up, and she comforted me. I had never experienced heartbreak before and being in a new environment, I had no one to turn to. She is so easy to talk to, and I was able to let down my walls.”

Adriana M

“I wasn’t very satisfied with my career when I first contacted Lola. Now, after just a few sessions, I have a clear picture of where I see myself in the next year, and tangible ways to work towards my goals. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough. She is the first person who challenged me to push through and I am excited to see where my journey leads me.”

 Nisot M.

“Lola Faleti has changed my life. When I first met Lola, I was in a dark space. My outlook on life was definitely terrible. Almost abysmal. She helped me brighten up my way of thinking. She has also helped be begin to live an intentional and fulfilling life. With her as my life coach, and I am FINALLY living my best life.”

Charon J

“Whether it's words of encouragement or just an ear to listen, Lola is always there to help hold me up. The most beautiful thing is that she has impacted so many people in her day to day life and is eager to make the world a better place. I am so grateful for my relationship with Lola.”

Jazmine M.

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