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Your Weekly Guidance - 1/30/23

Looking back on January, how did it go for you? We're through the first month of the year, and I don't know about you, but it's opened my eyes to so much. I feel like I quantum leaped into a new reality, one in which I have every single things I've ever wanted in life. What are the things you want in life? Are you living your best life? If you haven't seen already, I recently re-vamped my coaching offering, and I want to work with you! I want to help you break up with your limiting beliefs, manifest the life of your dreams, and embrace the highest version of yourself. If this sounds like you, please reach out to me! Your life can change completely with the right support.


Ae you gonna keep living in la la land, or are you ready to put action to the things you're daydreaming about? It doesn't make sense to keep complaining about the things you don't have when you aren't exactly doing anything to make it happen. Start with baby steps, and keep the momentum going!

TAURUS There's someone in your life that you're very excited about, but don't move too quickly. You might crash and burn! Before you rush to take things to the next level, it's important to consider why you're drawn to this person in the first place. While you can't exactly put a timeframe on love, you should still be as intentional as you possibly can to avoid repeating a painful cycle.

GEMINI It's time to move forward with your passions. Be confident about it! You keep telling yourself that you're "waiting for the right time," but that's just an excuse. There is hardly ever a right time in life, especially when it comes to living out your dreams. Life is worth living. Dreams are worth chasing. Your life and your dreams are waiting for you to embrace them, my dear.

CANCER Have you been forgetting to take care of yourself? You've been on the go a lot recently, and it's been stressing you out. Nurturing and taking care of others is great, but it can't be your default, especially if you've been burning out from work a lot. Allow yourself to step back and get in touch with your inner world.

LEO If you've been looking for a change in your life, now is the time to implement it! The only thing that is constant in life is change. Whether you fear it or embrace it, it's still going to happen, so why stress yourself out more than you need to? You also don't need to deal with change on your own. Your community is there to support you.

VIRGO Doing the most is not a virtue. You can actually set your life up in such a way that you're not experiencing intense stress every single moment. What are you gaining from overworking yourself, with no end to that in sight? This week, consider the ways in which you play a role in your own dissatisfaction with your life. You're well within your rights to not change anything, but awareness is important.

LIBRA You're not a burden to the people in your life, and if there is someone around you who has been making you feel that way, it's time to evaluate the integrity of that connection. Life has many seasons, and not all of them are going to be full of roses. If someone wants to pluck the roses but won't water the rosebush, that's not cool!

SCORPIO You've been feeling quite emotional lately, as you're stuck at a crossroads in your life. You know what decision you need to make, but it's rough because you don't quite yet have the resources to do it. Feel your feelings, and keep working on your plan. You will be fine. Things will unfold beautifully for you.

SAGITTARIUS It's time to take action and sever the cords that are preventing you from moving forward. There are still some limiting beliefs you struggle with, and that's normal. But, instead of them being the driver in your life, push them into the backseat. If you're afraid of failure, remember that regardless of the outcome, you're one step closer to what you desire. You'll be one step closer than you would have been by choosing to remain still.


I know, there is a lot going on in your life and you're kind of over where you're at now. It feels like you haven't been able to move on from something that hurt you, and as a result of that, you're unable to see the opportunities that are all around you. Look up from your funk for just a second, and see the silver lining.

AQUARIUS It's normal to experience conflict internally, but when it starts to spill over into your relationships, it might be time to take a step back. The confusion you're experiencing shouldn't impact someone else's decision-making process, and it's not fair to you to also have to feel like you need to show up and pretend all is well when it's really not.


It's time for a community check! Are you hanging around with your current group because of obligation, or do the people around you drain you? If you're growing apart, it doesn't mean you need to cut them out completely, but perhaps consider reshuffling so that the bulk of your time is no longer spent with people whose energy no longer resonates with yours.

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