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Your Weekly Guidance - 1/16/2023

"Alignment" has been heavy on my mind lately. So many of us are living life out of alignment with who we truly are and what we want. Perhaps due to obligation, conditioning, or fear. Many people don't even know what alignment looks or feels like. This week, in addition to your weekly guidance, I want you to consider what living an "aligned" life would look like for you. Are you brave enough to start living that way?


You might experience stress in life, but you don't have to become it. There are a number of things that will come up for you this week. Whether you're adjusting to a new environment, experiencing conflict with your family, or experiencing tight deadlines, remember that those are simply experiences you're having. You are not stress. You are not conflict. You are simply having a human experience.


This week, examine your relationship with courage! You're coming to a major turning point in life that is going to require a different version of you. Are you ready to pull up to the task? If not, that's okay - but instead of letting fear overshadow your shine, thinking about what is really causing your resistance. Fear of failure? Fear of success? Despite that, you can live your best life anyway!


A big internal conflict you've been struggling with is balance. It seems like there is never enough time to work, see friends, and have time for yourself. Pause to think about what the rush is. Why do you feel like you need to do it all, all the time? It's causing you unnecessary stress. Slow down and put yourself first. Don't multitask if you don't need to. Say "no" when you're tempted to overcommit.


What are you celebrating in your life this week? If there is nothing, make something up! You do not need to wait for permission in order to allow yourself to feel joy or excitement. You can give yourself something to look forward to. Each moment that is happening to you can be turned into something beautiful.


A new beginning is coming your way. Let's be real - you've known this for a while, and maybe you've been resistant to change. What are you still holding onto that is preventing you from jumping in and embracing the wonderful things coming? Get playful and allow yourself to feel carefree. That'll get you into a wonderful state of reception. The only thing constant in life is change. Are you going to stress yourself out by worrying about it, or will you welcome it?


Money has been a big theme for you as you plan out your year. For some of you, the money you're making at work is great, but you feel like it's handcuffing you. There is a fear of doing what you want because you don't want to lose your stability. For others, you're going to be receiving new opportunities to invest, bring in income, and spend in ways you never previously thought possible.


You hate tradition sometimes, and rightfully so! Some of the traditions and practices you grew up with actually made life a bit more stressful for you. This week, think of ways to start to break yourself out of those cycles. You want to fly free, you want to fly high. You can't do that by following steps that don't even lead to your dreams. Make your own way.


You have so much empathy for others, but where is the empathy and support for yourself? Do you not feel like you deserve to give yourself that level of attention? It's not selfish. It's not bad. In fact, so many things can shift for you if only you poured more into your own heart and soul. Focus your energy on yourself and your desires this week, and see what a difference that makes.


What are the little things in life that make you happy? Have you ever stopped to consider that? The beauty in the little things is that they are everywhere! You don't have to wait for a big milestone or accomplishment. You can tap into that here and now. This week, stop and smell the roses. Spend a little extra time doing your hair. Laugh raucously at something you find to be hilarious. Allow yourself unabashed joy.


There is an equal and opposite reaction for everything in this life, so this week, be intentional with the energy you're looking to put out around your goals. If you're trying to level up your career, how are you showing up? If you're trying to travel more, how are you making that a reality? The Universe wants to meet you halfway so badly. Don't block your blessings!


The grass isn't always greener on the other side. As you move through life, there will be a lot of "what ifs" and "I wonders," but we can't live out all of these realities simultaneously. Give yourself the space to mourn what could have been, and get excited for what's ahead, because life is going to get really good.


You've been fighting an internal battle for a while, and it seems like the more you see people embracing who they are, the more your internal conflict is exacerbated. Show yourself who is boss this week. Who you are is so special and so brilliant, you don't have to do anything but exist. I know it's scary, but you've already changed so many people's lives without realizing it.

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