Experienced. Certified. Intuitive.

My name is Lola Faleti, and I believe that everyone has a flame within them waiting to jump out and light the world. Sometimes, when we feel stuck or like our world is falling apart, it's difficult to remember that we're all walking maps of the Universe, with the keys to make things happen right there inside of us.


But who said that feeling has to be permanent?


As a tarot and astrology reader, it is my personal mission to combine my divine gifts with my life coaching certification in order to help you see that you can do any and everything you set your mind to, despite what society has to say about that. Come find out how to use the flame within you to make the most out of your experience in life, even when your path takes unexpected turns.


I'm sure you have had a moments when you felt like your world was falling to pieces, or like the walls were closing in.


My breaking point came when I was struggling to pay for college and my dreams of graduating with a degree in psychology were shattered. My entire life starting from kindergarten revolved around school. I lived and breathed school. My identity was school. And, when that identity was taken so suddenly away from me, I didn't know who I was. I spent so many years depressed, lamenting over whether or not I would make it in life, or whether or not I would be taken seriously as a young woman trying to make it in life. That funk that I was in took a toll on me, to the point where I had to leave work early one day and take a mental health break. It was on that day that I found my spark.


From that day on, I decided that no matter what happened, I would triumph. My first triumph came in the form of me turning my favorite hobby, crochet, into a clothing brand called The BabeSociety. From there, I landed my first television appearance on VH1's "Dear Mama" in 2016. From that TV appearance came another, and all of a sudden, I was doing public speaking and using my story to inspire others. My biggest break came in the form of a TLC TV Show called "Girl Starter," where I was part of a cast of female entrepreneurs bringing forth new business ideas to build. I met my first life coach as a direct result of that show in 2017, and she in turn helped me see that I had a gift of inspiring others to be their best selves. Since then, I have been steadily building my dream life and helping others build theirs. I travel and speak at leadership conferences. And, after several years of diving into all things mystical, I began to use my affinity for the planets and for the ancient art of tarot to help others in the height of the pandemic. I am obsessed with my career as an HR leader and with providing guidance to others. I practice yoga and meditation for grounding, and most importantly, I STILL have time to spend with my cat Sammy, and get 8 hours of sleep at night.


How do I manage to do all of these things while living an energized and fulfilling life?


Because I choose to trust that the Universe has provided me with the resources to live the most empowering life that I possibly can. I am always taken care of. 


And you can, too! Find that spark within you, and you can light the world.